What does the internet know about the development of software?

Software is dynamic, and is subject to continuous development. In fact, the boundaries between different states and versions of a software program in the course of its development are often blurred. It is difficult to grasp the state of a software program; it can only, if at all, be described by its version number. Not only do software programs develop, the way in which they are presented on the internet – whether on the official website or in discussions and descriptions on external websites – is also frequently subject to development. Web archives enable users to track the development of a software program. In the context of the Specialised Information Service Mathematics, a web service was developed (the Tempas TimePortal) that links the temporal development of software websites to the actual software program. In the database for relevant software in mathematics swMATH, the integration of the TimePortal now enables users, on the basis of the website, to track the status of the software program at the time when a scientific article referring to the software was published.

For more details please have look at the full article on the TIB Blog.

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