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About Alexandria

The ALEXANDRIA project (ERC Nr. 339233) aims to develop models, tools and techniques necessary to explore and analyze Web archives in a meaningful way. ALEXANDRIA will significantly advance semantic and time-based indexing for Web archives using human-compiled knowledge available on the Web, to efficiently index, retrieve and explore information about entities and events from the …

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The Team

Prof. Dr. techn. Wolfgang Nejdl (Principal Investigator) Phone: +49 511 762-17716 / Fax: +49 511 762-17779 Email: nejdl@L3S.de Homepage: http://www.kbs.uni-hannover.de/~nejdl/ Dr. Avishek Anand (Project Manager) Phone: +49 511 762-17795 Email: anand@l3s.de Homepage: http://www.l3s.de/~anand/  Dr. Besnik Fetahu Phone: +49 511 762-17797 Email: fetahu@l3s.de Homepage: http://www.L3S.de/~fetahu/ Dr. Megha Khosla Phone: +49 511 762-17712 / Fax: +49 511 …

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Related Projects

ForgetIT: Concise Preservation by Combining Managed Forgetting and Contextualized Remembering. ForgetIT is an EU research project on Digital Preservation, which brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts in preservation, information management, information extraction, multimedia analysis, personal information management, storage computing, and cloud computing, as well as in cognitive psychology, law, and economics, who together will …

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