ALEXANDRIA Internet Archive Search Prototype

We are delighted to announce the first public release of our ALEXANDRIA Internet Archive Search Prototype:


ArchiveSearch provides, for the first time, entity based search and exploration functionalities into the Web Archive of the Internet Archive allowing you to use (most of) the 1.9 million concepts of the German Wikipedia or (most of) the 5 million concepts of the English Wikipedia as search terms.

For these search terms, the current version provides the most important results from the Internet Archive, ranking resources based on Bing search, with more sophisticated re-ranking in future releases, as well as related entity suggestions for most of the queries.

We are happy to receive any comments and suggestions to the email address


and otherwise encourage you to use our prototype to explore the huge Web Archive of the Internet Archive!

Use for commercial purposes is not permitted. All parties involved as well as all users agree to respect the Internet Archive’s Terms of Use as specified at


Use of Archive Search by crawlers or other automatic means is not permitted. We will blacklist IPs from which we detect such crawling activities.


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