Alexandria at JCDL 2017

The 2017 ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Conference on Digital Libraries will be held in Toronto (Ontario, Canada) on June 19-23. L3S will be again present in this annual venue with one full research paper and one poster, both conducted in the context of the ALEXANDRIA project. The works will be presented by Dr. Pavlos Fafalios and are co-authored by Prof. Wolfgang Nejdl.
The research paper, entitled “Building and Querying Semantic Layers for Web Archives” and authored by P. Fafalios, H. Holzmann, V. Kasturia, and W. Nejdl, introduces an RDF/S model and a distributed framework for building semantic layers that describe semantic information about the contents of web archives. A semantic layer allows describing metadata information about the archived documents, annotating them with useful semantic information (like entities, concepts and events), and publishing all this data on the Web as Linked Data. Such structured repositories offer advanced query and integration capabilities and make web archives directly exploitable by other systems and tools. A preprint of the article is available in this link.
In the same context, the poster paper (entitled “Towards a Ranking Model for Semantic Layers over Digital Archives” and authored by P. Fafalios, V. Kasturia, and W. Nejdl) focuses on the problem of ranking archived documents returned by structured (SPARQL) queries over semantic layers. The poster discusses the motivation for this work, formalizes the problem, and proposes a baseline model that considers and combines the following three aspects: i) the relativeness of documents to entities, ii) the timeliness of documents, and iii) the relations among the entities. A preprint is available in this link.
Following last year’s nomination for the ArchiveSpark <https://arxiv.org/pdf/1702.01015.pdf> paper, this is the second-in-a-row best paper nomination at JCDL for the Alexandria team.

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